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2010-06-02 09:45 pm

uh yeah

The more I hear about teenage to 20something college students doing dumb drinking games, the more glad I am I go to a "non-traditional" (in other words, pretty much everyone here is over 25) college with no dorms or on-campus residences. 'Least I don't have to deal with frats and sororities and all that comes with them.

Or drunk people on campus.

I really hate being around drunk people. >:|

In other news, I really need more icon space. CAT EARS DO NOT EXPRESS MY CRANKINESS PROPERLY
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2010-06-01 12:29 am

warm fuzzies all up in this bitch

For some reason I've been overcome with happyfeelings for the past several hours and I don't know why. I can't think of anything that would cause them but they are nice and I would like them to stay please and thank you. of 23 minutes ago here it's June 1st, meaning my birthday is in...27 days counting today. I turn 19 and lose my health insurance, but I'm okay with this now. 9_6 Couldn't hold on to it forever, so...yeah. I don't use it often 'cause I'm a stubborn ass who takes a Tylenol for everything and never goes to the doctor lol

Oh and I finally ~got out of my shell~ and started RPing with people who aren't specific friend of mine. It's someone I haven't talked to for very long, either, which is...actually kind of a bonus in this case. I'm usually nervous as fuck when RPing with people I don't know very well, so I need practice writing with semi-strangers. :I

...It is a step up of only RPing with people I've known for 3+ years at least lol



Unusually outgoing today, there, self. Can I stay like this? Probably not, but oh well. I will ~cherish the moment~ when it happens.
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2010-05-31 03:34 pm

whoop whoop

Found a layout I like a bit more in comparison to my last one...which I utterly broke to death with my editing.

lol srsly could not use that thing any more because I BROKE THE SHIT OUT OF IT
I need to learn LJ's CSS selectors one of these days. So I can like. Edit shit without hamhanding it through trial and error.

...Also picked this because I have some kind of creepy love of pixely fonts and all the links on this are...pixely.

i am easy to please ok :(

Now I want to go and make a new CSS thing for my dA journal. :| fff.

And I need to find a profile code eventually. found one

I want to start using LJ more...for whatever reason. IDK I just don't like dA that much lately. I've started just dumping my shit and going off to other places to do internet things. Still love the place, but...meh.


yeah hi
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2010-05-22 01:40 am

[no subject]

Occasionally I wonder what the hell I'm going to college for. An Associate of the Arts degree isn't exactly going to get me jack shit and I hhhhhighly doubt I'm motivated enough for ~art school~. Or even good enough to get in.

School is switching from quarters to semesters next year. uuuuuuugh do not fucking want




I really hate this school. :I $3k a year and you're getting what (little) you're paying for.

just sayin'

But I go for free and get money left over from my financial aid, so I guess it's not all bad.

Just mostly bad.
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2008-12-01 04:37 pm

The entries are a myth. :D


I decided that this journal likely won't ever be actually USED, other than as a community journal. I'll be making myself a personal journal later. May or may not share said journal with other people, but it'll be out there somewhere. :D Ohhoho.

welp that's a lie

HEY GUYS apparently using this thing now